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  • Walnut

  • Cherry

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What does my cruiser come with?

What can I add to my cruiser or RV?


Interior Wood crafted Drawer

Designed with RV guides

(Not included in the Deschutes & Willamette Cruisers)
Roadside & Curbside Doors

30" x 36" Large, black Doors
Tinted Slider Windows
Screen Doors

Aluminum Doors/
Tail Lights Package is available

(See Additional Options list for upgrades)
2 Oversized Locking Cabinets included in most of our Cruisers

(Not included in the Deschutes & Willamette Cruisers)

Mirror Facing &

Custom engraving is available for upgrade

(See Additional Options list)
Duel side Fitted Custom Curtains

Select your own fabric for your Cruiser
The Standard 55" x 80"
4" dense, Foam Queen Mattress is included in all our standard size Cruisers

4" dense Foam Twin Mattress is included in our Deschutes Cruiser

Thicker 6" Memory Foam Queen Topper
Organic Cotton Topper available for upgrade

(See Additional Options list for upgrades)
30" x 34" Wood crafted table w/ urethane finish

Easily tucks away sliding under Cabinets & Shelves.
Also attaches outside for your convenience

(1 Dinette Table included with each of our Cruisers)
Interior LED Lights

2 single / 2 double LED Pancake Lights in both Interior & Galley

Customized LED Reading Lights & LED Strip Lights are also available

(See Additional Options list for upgrades)
Roof mounted 10 Speed MaxxAir Deluxe Fan with Rain Guard

( 4 speed MaxxAir Fan/Vent included in our Deschutes & Willamette Cruisers )
Galley GFCI Adapter & 12V Outlets

(Not included in the Deschutes Cruiser)
Interior 30 amp Power Center

Converter / Charger with 10V / 12V Outlets
30" x 34" versatile Wood Crafted Table w/ urethane finish

Easily attaching both outside or inside

(1 Dinette Table included with each Cruiser)
Wood crafted cook table w/ urethane finish

Expanding your prep & cooking area for even more options

(1 Cook Table included in each of our Cruisers)
Double Burner Propane camp Stove

Conveniently stores nicely in the provided Built-In Storage Compartment
Camp Stove Compartment

Conveniently stores in the provided Built-In Storage
Pull-Out Tray designed for your cooler, included in our McKenzie & Rogue Cruisers

12 volt Stainless Steel Cooler
Stainless Steel Refrigerators
Wet Bar also available for any Cruiser or RV

(See Additional Options list for these upgrades)
Wood crafted Single Level Counter Top & Shelves

Split level Counter Tops, Stainless Steel & Formica are also available for upgrade

(See Additional Options list)

(Split Level Counter Tops are included in our Columbia Cruiser)
2 Large Lower Galley Drawers for plenty of Storage ability

Built with RV guides, designed to stay tightly closed during travel
3 Upper Galley Drawers built with RV guides

Designed to stay closed during travel

(2 Upper Drawers are included in our Columbia Cruiser)
Lightweight Aluminum, Locking, paddle latch, Cargo box

Oversized Diamond Plate Cargo Box available for upgrade

(See Additional Options list)
Duel side Euro style LED retro Porch Lights
Included in all our Cruisers
Pro T-handle for easy open / shut Locking Hatch Door
Awning Rail attached to Rear Hatch/hinge
Included w/ all our Cruisers

(Awning not included)
Electric Brakes
2 Ton Dexter Torsion Flex Axle with 22.5 degree pitch

For higher ground clearance, Axles can be custom ordered

(Not included in our mini Deschutes Cruiser)
Aluminum Underbelly
All our Cruisers are laminated with .035 & .050 Aluminum Skin
Spare 12" Tire stores, mounts under Cargo Box

(Not included in our mini Deschutes Cruiser)
Auxiliary GP 29 12 volt Deep Cycle Battery & Box

Can also be stored in our standard or upgraded, oversized Aluminum Diamond Plate Cargo Box
Aluminum Frame

7 Pin Plug

6" - 2 Ton Wheel-n-Jack & Safety chain
14" Tires / Chrome Moon Caps & black powder coated Steel Fenders

Larger Wheels / Tires & Aluminum Fenders are also available for upgrade

(See Additional Options list for upgrades)
32" Duce Black LED taillights included

Chrome Taillights are also available in our Aluminum Package

(See Additional Options list for upgrades)
2 - Front duel side LED Marker Lights

2 - Rear duel side LED Marker Lights on each of our Cruisers
Safety & Accessory Bundle:

15 AMP X 30 Shore Cord

Fire Extinguisher

Smoke Alarm

Propane bottles

Provided in each of our Cruisers
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Off Road Package
Lifted suspension & Aluminum diamond Plate Fenders
Engraving Package
Engraving Package

Customize either Interior or Galley Cabinets & Drawers

Engraving option adds a personal touch to your Cruiser or RV

(Included in our Columbia Cruiser)
TV / DVD / MP3 Package
15" TV / DVD / MP3 Package

12 volt, Tilting, multi function 15" mounted TV combination

(Included in the Columbia Cruiser)
Mattress Upgrade
Memory Foam Queen Upgrade

Plush 55" x 80" Queen, 4" dense Foam Mattress

Choose from: 1/2", 1" or 2" quilted Organic Cotton Topper

or 6" Memory Foam overlaying our 4" dense Foam standard Queen Mattress
Mattress Upgrade
Twin XL Mattress Upgrade

39" x 80" Extended Length & Memory Foam available for upgrade in our mini Deschutes Cruiser
Cargo Storage
Cargo Sub-well Storage

Under Mattress, storage comes with prop rods for your Cruiser Cabin or RV
Extra LED Lights
Pair of LED Reading Lights for each side of the Cabin

Allows for more personal lighting adjustments turning 360 deg

Several styles to choose from
Cabinet Mirror
Cabinet Door Mirror face
adding a roomier feel to the Cabin space for your Cruiser or RV
Additional Outlets
12 volt GFCI Outlet

Additional Outlet Receptacles can be added in Galley or Cabin
Clothing Rods
Rods are multi purpose in any Cruiser or RV
Locking Cabinet
Oversized Locking Cabinets make an excellent Storage addition in any Cruiser or RV

( Not available in our Willamette Cruiser )
Cabin Bunk / Shelf
Child's Bunk or extra roomy Shelf Storage even for pet sleeping quarters

( Included in our Willamette Cruiser )
Custom Stereo System
Stereo & Speakers in either Galley or Cabin in any Cruiser or RV
Aluminum Counter Top
Adding an eye catching look to your Galley space and easy clean up

Formica & Split Counter
Tops are also available in any Cruiser or RV
Wet Bar Package
Wet Bar includes:

Hand Pump Faucet

Stainless Steel Sink

Cutting Board / Lid combo

Pair of 6 Gallon Holding Tanks stores underneath Sink Cabinet

( Wet Bar is included in our Umpqua Cruiser )

Double Sinks are also available for upgrade
Customized Wood Compartment
Personal Wood Crafted space of your own to fit your lifestyle & travel needs
Stainless Steel Refrigerator
Built in 12 Volt 1.7 cubic ft Refrigerator, powered from Auxiliary Battery

( Included in our Columbia Cruiser )

Upgrade available to Freezer combo

( Refrigerator not available in the Willamette Cruiser )
LED Strip Lighting - Galley
Add extra LED Strip Lighting with control Switches for either Cabin or Galley in any Cruiser or RV
Umbrella & Double Mounts Package
Umbrella & Double Mounts for ready set up on each side of your Cruiser

Allowing for even more camping convenience in your Cruiser or RV
AC Unit / Heat pump
Remote controlled, a great addition for those who need to escape the outside elements in any Cruiser or RV
Bicycle Rack
Makes an excellent addition for hauling bikes or toys along in your Cruiser or RV
Custom Bicycle Rack
Yakima, Thule, & Swagman Bike Racks available
Oversized DIamond Plate Cargo Box
Expanded Diamond Plate Aluminum Cargo Box
Aluminum Package
Duel side Doors & Slider Windows

Aluminum Fenders

Chrome Tail Lights

Aluminum upgrade package makes an excellent eye catching addition to any Teardrop
Aluminum Skin Replacements
We can replace your Teardrop's skin & any other maintenance needs are always welcomed.

Automotive clear coat is available on exterior skin

No job is too small!
Diamond Plate Rockgaurd
Extra protection from gravel & road grime for any Cruiser or RV
Cargo Roof Rack
Roof Rack varieties available for your cargo

Kayaks, snowboards etc.

More versatility & convenience on any road trip
Portable Solar Kit
80 Watt Portable Solar Kit

7 pin Trailer Adapter

Extension Cord
LED Reverse Lights
Add these to any Cruiser or RV
Two 6 Volt Batteries
2 Deep Cycle 6 Volt Battery pair
AGM Batteries
6 volt battery Pair
Power Inverter Package
Multiple size Inverter Packages available
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